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Being Prepared for Shedding

It is not known how long shedding of the spike and mRNA material occurs after receipt of the COVID vaccine. Since 2008 and possible earlier, researchers and the FDA knew about the potential of these agents to shed.

Studies show transmission in saliva, breastmilk, semen, sweat and feces.

Before exposure

If you know the environment will be populated with people likely to be shedding, prepare by taking the dandelion leaf extract. Study shows dandelion leaf extract will prevent spike protein from attaching to ACE2 receptors.


  • tincture 1tsp up to 4x day

  • tea- 1tsp in 8 oz (larger leaves are bitter)- as needed

After exposure

Symptoms such as bleeding, altered menses, lymph node swelling and flu-like symptoms suggest shedding has occurred and you should begin treatment as follows:

  • Ivermectin 12mg for 5 days. Repeat the dose next week, day 1 and 3, then weekly (every Monday for example) for 8 weeks.  Ivermectin binds the spike protein, blocks the Ace2 receptor and does other thigs to counteract the spike protein damage.

  • N-AC 100-1200 mg/day,

  • Betaine ~600 mg a day. A substitute is DMG 150-200 mg capsules, or powder 1-3 a day which may ameliorate the epigenetic control of your DNA if any synthetic DNA/RNA present.

  • Vitamin D. Adults should take 5000-10, 000 iu a day. (No overdoses have been recorded at 10,000 iu a day. At some point, after a couple months or so, check a level and you want to be above 55.)

  • Zinc. Take 15-30 mg daily (adults)Selenium 220 mcg/ day. Don’t take more. • Quercetin 500 mg a day

  • Vitamin C 1-2 gm minimum in divided doses throughout the day, I would take 5-6 gm 5000-6000 mg in 500-1000 mg every few hours.

  • Lysine 1.5- 2 gm a day. (Documented to be protective by virologists in the Dominican Republic.)

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