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Protocols for early Treatment COVID and potentially other “viral illness”



The optimal situation is to be treated within 5 days. For this reason, I keep Ivermectin in my house and you should too. You can read all the protocols at COVID-19 Protocols - FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (

It is not one size fits all but depends on symptoms and your particular health etc. I would print off several protocols from that site to keep handy. You may need to take them to your physician.

I think, with time, we will discover that this whole spectrum from “COVID”, Vaccine effects, and Shedding damage is actually all the same issue-- “Spike Protein syndrome” in different forms, the initial contact (whether virus or contact poison) is the most deadly.

This is my protocol, and is not official medical advice for any individual. But if I were ill, this is what I would do for myself. 

If sick from “COVID”:


Take everything for 5 days or as long as symptoms persist


24mg  daily, take with a fatty meal or peanut butter.





Vitamin D

4000 IU/day = 100mcg


Vitamin C

500-1000 a day



100mg/day (elemental zinc)



250mg twice a day


Anti-septic mouth wash

Three times daily gargle do not swallow


You want to take 10mg a day at bed time.


It is very important. This is a non-prescription, natural blood thinner. If you have any signs of clotting, the suggested dose is 40mg in the morning and 40 mg later in the day. This is going to lower your blood pressure a little but that’s ok, it will make it easier on your heart.


Purchase a Pulse Oximeter, monitoring your oxygen is crucial. Use your middle finger not your ear lobe. Anything below 90% is considered dangerous. If your oxygen is below 85% start your ivermectin before you go to the hospital and keep taking it do not tell them! And do not let them intubate you - it’s a death sentence. Chances of living through it are less than 85%. Low oxygen is survivable. My oxygen was at 83% and I didn’t know it had dropped that low. I didn’t go to the hospital. I took the Ivermectin and 2 hours later my O2 level was 88%. By the following morning it was in the 90’s. I’m 56 and overweight and I lived through it.


I’m not a doctor. All of this information is on the internet and can be viewed at

The information on the Lumbrokinase is from the researcher Stephen Buhner.

Post exposer prevention (for household or close contact of a COVID-19 patient)

Ivermectin – 18mg – repeat dose in 48 hours


Prevention Protocol

Ivermectin – 24mg Start treatment with one dose on day 1 then repeat every seven days.

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